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Peter Strömblad

Peter lives in Sweden and is an independent contractor with hosting services.
Browser performance

Today a user called and complained, that their WebMail is so slow and they want another solution.
That's a normal reaction.
There's always something better isn't there? - or - the analogy - my computer is weird, let's re-install !

NO - as a sysop, technician, programmer and curious one too - I always want to look under the hood. As a teenager I did take things apart, frequently too, resulting in a number of loose screws when trying to reassemble an old car, my bike, the lawnmover, chainsaw, another lawnmover - and so on.

SO - what to respond to the end-user with the slow webmail. They do experience a problem, and of course there is a solution, or multiple - but first what is the cause or causes? Without knowing the cause, why take action.

EXAMINE - is what I did. The inbox contained 650MB and thousands of e-mails - over IMAP - now that's slow no matter what server/client solution we'd choose. Other reasons, massive amounts of folders.

CURE - Organize!, throw out the old - do a traditional cleaning. No one likes to live in a mess, with years of old stuff - that's why we clean our homes regularly. So keep the inbox clean, only with the messages that you need to work with/reply to. Catalog the rest, off the server in the client imap. If you worry about backup - you can always synchronize a local client IMAP folder with the server folder at any time.

BROWSERS matter too - and in this case, as well as with this community site - webmail today depends heavily on javascript. So I did a quick search, and remembered a company name/brand (dunno) futuremark that we used way back to benchmark. And they showed up with this do-it-yourself test at http://service.futuremark.com/peacekeeper/ which I couldn't resist in testing. The traditional overall results rank the browsers like this:

but is that really interesting to me? -

NO - what I use is not javascript graphics to any extent, but data and text. So the community index is much more interesting (besides compatibility of-course) and then the results are quite different. So here comes my rank:

Rank Browser CommunitySpeed text parse data average FutureMark Total
1 Safari v4.0.2 1732 2557 2880 2390 2129
2 Chrome v3.0.195.6 1662 2455 2455 2191 1789
3 Opera v10.0 1591 969 489 1016 1138
4 Opera v9.64 1490 476 503 823 836
5 Firefox v3.5.2 1302 895 1663 1287 1196
6 Explorer v8.0 504 561 424 496 480

FINALLY - does the javascript perfomance mean all? - no of course not - many more aspects of your favourite browser is of importance, and they're not all that compatible with standards, and thus behaves differently. But the test shows one very interesting aspect - different browsers do different things with differing speed and quality, and since we have the possibility to choose, why not choose the tool in each circumstance that does the job best, especially since they do not cost you a thing.

Posted: Tuesday, August 11, 2009 11:44 AM by Peter Strömblad


philip e j jones said:

Hi Peter,

Interesting to see Opera near the top of your lists.  I have used it for years and know have 10.10, Pegasus 4.52 and Vista Business.  When I login to a site I like to use the little blue Opera 'Log in' button (used to be the wand).  This inserts my Pegasus user name and password in the appropriate place, but almost immediately the password disappears and login cannot be completed.  This login procedure works on every other site I visit, so the indication is that it is something to do with Pegasus.  I seem to remember that it did work with previous Pegasus versions.


Philip Jones

# February 15, 2010 12:03 PM

John Paul Richards said:

Even is Safari is faster than chrome, I think chrome is better because because the interface is very user-friendly.

# May 18, 2012 7:29 AM

tanveerhabib said:

I love chrome because of its simplicity, spead and attractive design.

# September 26, 2013 11:35 AM

Simonmanners458 said:

I agree with John, Chrome is a lot more user-friendly.

As for the Cure you suggested, I find it very hard to organize the mails. Why? Because I never know what I may need years from now. For example, I recently came across a situation where I needed information I used to deal with about 7 years ago. Shockingly, I found it! sitting there with all the other junk. This never would've happened if I had started cleaning!

# July 17, 2014 5:03 PM
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