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File Date Added Downloads  
The license terms for v4.01 is superseeded by vers...

2007-02-05 8110 Download
File Size 14.4kB
This patch corrects vulnerabilities in the Mercury...
2006-01-22 175 Download
File Size 120.2kB
This patch will upgrade an existing Mercury/32 v4....
2004-12-02 1059 Download
File Size 1.2MB
This patch corrects a vulnerability and addresses ...
2007-05-03 321 Download
File Size 96.8kB
This is a patch for MercuryP v4.51 that responds t...
2007-06-26 188 Download
File Size 82.2kB
This patch corrects a vulnerability in the Mercury...
2007-08-22 125 Download
File Size 97.6kB
This patch corrects a vulnerability in the Mercury...
2007-08-22 117 Download
File Size 48.2kB
This patch corrects a problem in the MercuryX Sche...
2010-07-15 206 Download
File Size 55.9kB
This is the official Pegasus Mail Manual for versi...
2007-01-31 22538 Download
File Size 1.8MB
Pegasus Mail for Windows - Overview Pegasus Mail i...
2009-07-02 3565 Download
File Size 9.2MB

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