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Pegasus Mail v4.63 for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7 Download Agreement

The requested software has specific conditions of use. The following information applies to your use of the software made available to you through this web site.

Last Updated: April 3, 2007

  • All official Pegasus Mail and Mercury downloads are routinely scanned with up-to-date antiviral software for the presence of computer viruses and other malware prior to being uploaded, but we recommend that you do not rely on this assurance and perform your own tests on anything you download before attempting to use it (we strongly recommend this practice for *all* downloads from the Internet, regardless of their origin).
  • Third-party products on this site may or may not have been officially tested by the site owner, and are typically subject to the policies of the vendor or developer of each individual product.
  • These procedures notwithstanding, downloads on this site are provided in good faith, but by retrieving them, you indemnify the site owner against all and any liability or claims for damage for your use of those downloads.
  • If you believe you have encountered malware of any kind in any download retrieved from this site, please use this site contact form at once for confirmation and correction.

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