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Stubborn Email

Last post 06-22-2012, 14:44 by Thenetiong. 3 replies.
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  •  12-29-2007, 14:31

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    Stubborn Email

    I have a home based computer repair business for which I have a LAN. I have 4 computers which are always on the Lan and then room for 2 more computers to be hooked in for servicing. Two of the computers are each hooked seperately via a 3com router. The other two are on a Linksys switch with the 2 spares with the switch connected to the router as well. The spares are simply cables that run from the switch to the workbench. The setup has been working just fine however recently I have been experiencing an email problem that requires several attempts to collect or send email to the server. I have checked with the ISP and they (of course) claim their service is working fine. I have reset the router and switch several times to no avail. Sometimes send/receive works the first time but usually it takes 2 or 3 attempts. This happens with all the computers on the LAN using different email software. The software reports that it is connecting but it just hangs there requiring an abort of the connection or complete shutdown of the email software. The longest cable run is 100ft from the router to the switch using cat5 cable all around. I am also on a satellite system as I am out in the boonies with no cable or DSL service. This is a fairly new developement. Three machines are using winXPand one is using Vista. Using Pegasus on two and "The Bat" on two. Kinda stuck on this'n. Any ideas from you net gurus out there? Thanks
  •  12-29-2007, 18:05

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    Re: Stubborn Email

    As usual the best approach will probably be a process of elimination. Assuming the mail server is run by your ISP I would first try connecting to it from another location, run several tests and see if you still get problems. If so that would indicate that your ISP has an issue with their mail server or routing. If not I would then run some tests to find out if other kinds of network traffic is having problems as well. That would indicate a problem with your router or other equipment needed for the satellite connection. If there are no connectivity issues the next thing to check would be the firewall and anti-virus software used.



  •  12-29-2007, 18:24

    Re: Stubborn Email

    I would also try a process of elimination but I'd get a GMail or Yahoo account and see if you have the same sort of problem. 

    If you do not see the problem then it's pretty obvious that the ISP is having problems with their server. 

    If you do see the same sort of problem then the first thing that comes to mind is some sort of packet fragmentation that is caused by your router and/or your connection to the ISP.

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  •  06-22-2012, 14:44

    Re: Stubborn Email


    You have some good suggestions here already, but another thing you can do is check to see that your docsis for your cable modem (if you have one) is updated. You might also try updating your firmware for your router/switch. Most of the router/switch manufacturers have a firmware update from the admin page (for your router).

    Of course when all else fails, restart, resynchronize your network. Hope this helps you.

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