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Worrying Problems with the PM&M site

Last post 05-23-2020, 0:32 by Euler GERMAN. 1 replies.
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  •  05-22-2020, 22:33

    Worrying Problems with the PM&M site

    Perhaps I'm just thick, but ...


    Being about to get a new computer, I thought I would check whether I can continue to use Pegasus, so I came this site.

    At first, I though Pegasus must be dead, as my initiial impression was that the site was out of use. Most of the posting dates are years old, and the graphics on the "Pegasus Mail" overview are corrupted.  But then I did find one or two 2020 posts so I persisted.  

    But is anyone looking after the site?  It is possible to suspect there isn't any more.  That's rather worrying.

    My new computer will run Windows 10 (my current one runs Windows 7).  So I then looked to see whether Pegasus works with that.  I could find nowhere on the site that says it does.  The latest download is for systems up to Windows 7.  So I was sadly concluding that it isn't compatible with 10.  Then I found a post about getting Help files to work under 10.  So I guess I might be able to continue to use Pegasus after all?

    But could a clear statement be put in an obvious place on the site that Pegasus *is* (or, I guess, is not) usable with Windows 10, please?

    And could a download for Windows 10 be clearly posted/labelled? 

    But as I have felt the need to post this, maybe Pegasus actually is dying?  How about a prognosis, please?



    George Long 


  •  05-23-2020, 0:32

    Re: Worrying Problems with the PM&M site

    Methinks you're in the wrong part of the Community forum. Try posting your questions to Pegasus Mail Community Support. This section is to discuss this site itself.


    euler f german
    sete lagoas, mg, brazil
    Pegasus Mail 4.73.639 Standalone - Windows 7 Ultimate
    BearHTML IERenderer
    Binaries: C:\PMAIL\Programs
    Mailboxes: C:\PMAIL\MAIL

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