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Thread Replies
How to install WinHlp32 support in Windows 10
Last reply by irelam, 02-04-2019 2:40
Using Pegasus Mail to send mail via GMail
Posted by David Harris, 11-16-2015 0:39
Spellchecker update #2 available
Posted by irelam, 11-15-2014 17:35
Copying Pegasus Mail files
Posted by irelam, 07-23-2014 21:47
Pegasus Mail Spell checking setup guide
Posted by irelam, 03-14-2014 19:24
Importing mail and address books into Pegasus Mail
Posted by Thomas R. Stephe..., 09-02-2010 19:18
Setting Pegasus to be Default Email Client in VISTA (and later)
Last reply by idw, 01-22-2010 16:20
Configuring Pegasus Mail as mailer for Internet Explorer
Last reply by idw, 01-06-2009 18:18
All users can see my mails
Last reply by liebach, 11-18-2008 7:18
[For users in New Zealand] Using Pegasus Mail with Xtra's updated...
Posted by David Harris, 08-26-2007 7:19
Blank messages in the Queue Manager cannot be deleted
Posted by Thomas Nimmesger..., 07-02-2007 21:00
Socket read/write error 10053 (ECONNABORTED)
Posted by Peter Strömblad, 05-31-2007 15:43
Order of Pegasus Mail‘s filtering tools (for incoming messages)
Posted by Thomas Nimmesger..., 05-31-2007 10:42
FAQ error - Pegasus Mail for Windows General - attachment forward...
Last reply by David Harris, 05-17-2007 1:32
Under Windows Vista, Pegasus Mail's help does not work in Pegasus...
Posted by Thomas Nimmesger..., 04-06-2007 5:27
Disabling the Unknown Publisher security warning dialog
Posted by Pmail.Com, 01-10-2007 0:00
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