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Content Control/Filtering rules on BCC

  •  01-07-2011, 1:43

    Content Control/Filtering rules on BCC

    Greetings all,

    I've been using Mercury for a while now and have never really found time to play with the content control and filtering abilities. After a recent influx of spam I decided now was the time to have a go.

    I am trying to create a rule that will delete any message that is addressed to two particular recipients. The reason for this is that there is no reason why a message would be sent to *both* of these two adresses, so any that are I can tell are spam that have been harvesting addresses. I find I get messages that will be addressed to several accounts in my domain at the same time, so it should be easy to just delete.

     The problem is that I can't get the rules to work when the addresses are BCC.

    The rule I am using in the content control is:

    IF RECIPIENT HASALL "*user1@*, *user2@*" WEIGHT 60

    This works fine for messages where user1 and user2 appear in the TO or CC headers, but not when they are BCC

    According to the Mercury Help file I thought this should work.

     Header tests:  these tests check specific headers or groups of headers in the mail message. The SENDER test looks in the "From", "Sender", "Resent-From" and "Reply-to" fields of the message, while the RECIPIENT test looks in the "To", "CC", "BCC" and "Resent-To", fields

    I paused the Mercury Core Process to look at the QUEUE files, and in the .QDF file there is no mention of the BCC recipients, but they do appear in the paired .QCF file. Is the content filter only looking at recipients as seen in the .QDF file? If so, then how should the BCC check work according to the help file?

    If I can find a way to get this to work it would resolve a huge chunk of the spam I get, so any thoughts or suggestions would be most welcome.



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