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Syntax for rules.mer

  •  01-30-2011, 12:35

    Syntax for rules.mer

    I would like to write a global rule which is more complex than the interface allows; I can see from examples posted on the Forum that complex rules are possible, but I can't find anywhere that describes the syntax.

    My problem is this: I'm running Mercury 4.72 with SpanHalter. Occasionally, Spamhalter comes up with a false positive on mail from one local user to another, which I want to avoid. I know that I can't whitelist local users so I want to use global rules. While I quite often see spams with a forged From address the same as the To, I never see any with the forged From address of a different local user. I want to write rules something like

    If header "F" contains [user1] AND header "T" contains [user2] THEN Exit

    What would be the correct syntax for that (or is it not possible)?

    Thanks, Chris



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