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Re: File extension lost (by win 7 ?) when saving an attachment

  •  11-10-2011, 15:57

    Re: File extension lost (by win 7 ?) when saving an attachment

    Henrik Rosenø:

    I have made a screen shot, so you can see what I mean, but since this forum does not allow larger than 64KB, I have had to crop it.

    The issue ist the fileytpe-Checkbox below the filename-field. When (as seen in the screenshot) 'All Files' is selected, you have to provide the full name (eg. with extension). If another special fileytpye is shown, the extension would be appended if not already present (with the seemingly curious, but in final conclusion logical result, that you when you see eg. 'Text files (*.txt)' you cannot save a file 'Hugo.TXT.TXT').

    What kind of filetypes are checkable in this combo-box decides the creater of this box - Pegasus in fact. But Pegasus cannot know what kind of attachment you want to send - therefore it set 'All Files'.

    If you just select an existing file Windows will know about that's filetype and showing it or not depending on it's own settings as posted, and therefore just selecting/clicking/enter will give you the file with extension. But if you manually enter a name whether Windows nor Pegasus will know what extension you mean else you do supply it too and therefore use the pure name without extension.

    In that special event I thing Pegasus could guess the filetype (you've selected the attachement out of your mail) and could offer this extension selected as default, but should offer 'All Types' too (are you sure that EVERY attachment you get has the CORRECT extension??).

    Hope this will clarify all Smile

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