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Huge RULES.MER file causing "Infinite rule processing loop detected"

  •  11-23-2011, 16:30

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    Huge RULES.MER file causing "Infinite rule processing loop detected"

    I have a huge RULES.MER file.

    And it will increase in size because I use it to eliminate SPAM and SPAM is increasing and increasing and increasing and ...

    I now that this may not be the better way to manage SPAM but tom it works. I use SpamHalter in conjunction with the rules and I am happy with the solution.

    But from some time ago I started getting the message "Infinite rule processing loop detected" and the rules processor stops processing the email message.

    After doing a bunch of testing with my rules, I am pretty sure that the rules processor stops processing after a fixed number of rules and give up showing the infinite loop message.

    I'm sure that an infinite loop wasn't achieved. 

    My question is : is there a way to increase the number of the processed rules before an infinite loop is assumed ?


    [[]] MaurĂ­cio Ventura Faria 

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