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Re: Why '*Job killed by filtering rule'

  •  06-27-2018, 12:24

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    Re: Why '*Job killed by filtering rule'

    I had the same issue several years ago and never got to the bottom of it.

    Recommendations were to check all Mercury rules. I think that sometimes a move operation may result in a job killed message. All it means is that the message has literally been copied to a different account and that the original has been deleted (or something along those lines). But, my memory is hazy - this was a long time ago...

    I'm not sure if SMTP transaction rule settings might result in this message being displayed - I assume they take effect before the message can be downloaded. 

    If you use a catchall account (a rule that copies all sent/received mail to an account), check to see if the message exists. If it does, it was delivered.

    You can also turn on logging under the Mercury Core Module Configuration dialog > Reporting and choose the option to turn on logging. You can then examine the log created for each transaction.

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