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Re: Mercurys userids/passwords

  •  10-05-2018, 16:14

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    Re: Mercurys userids/passwords


    We are currently having a large influx of "hackers" trying to determine a valid userid/password for sending spam... Using v4.74...

    Since the mercurys.log does not show the userid/password used(and I can't find any settings for that), if a hacker finds a valid userid/password, I would have no way to know which one I have to change...

    Any suggestions?



    Mercury can save the transaction logs for each connection. These detail the login info. Unfortunately, depending on the load on your server there might be 1000's of them. For what it's worth, I have seen a lot of illicit connection attempts during this last week. These are repetitive connections from the same IP or IP range. I usually block the range - 254. I've connection attempts from various ranges belong to China, Netherlands, and the UK. Perhaps these are related to the credential stuffing attacks that have been in the media recently?

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