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Re: Printing request closes Pegasus

  •  11-30-2018, 16:26

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    Re: Printing request closes Pegasus


    ... I'm really, really, really surprised about almost no one (i.e. you arent't the only one!) seeing the IER button on Pegasus Mail's toolbar (see below). By clicking it you will get a popup menu offering exclusively IER options including the one for reverting to BearHtml and a Configure item opening IER's own confuration dialog offering a Printing section on its Various page.


    This is because the icon does not resemble anything to do with printing.  The Pegasus Mail logo over an Internet Explorer icon does not shout out 'Print'. Perhaps, as you suggest, simplifying this is the way to go. Use a single print engine - automatically default to IER or whichever because the default print icon leads to printed matter where HTML formatted messages look a mess (it throws the formatting completely out of whack). Having a single engine that deals equally well with plain text and HTML messages would be great. One of the commonest queries I have received about Pegasus Mail is why the printed messages lose their formatting - and I show them the IER button.

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