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Re: Should PMR as a system variable work?

  •  12-04-2018, 15:57

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    Re: Should PMR as a system variable work?

    Regarding permissions, our folder structure for Pegasus Mail is as follows:

    Top level folder = PMail. Share and Security permissions: Authenticated Users = Full Control

    Within PMail is winpm-32.exe etc. We have been using Pegasus Mail for many years and have simply upgraded the old installation each time so we don't use the newer folder structure where the exe's etc., are in a sub-folder off PMail. Address Books and Distribution Lists exist at the same level as the exe's.  Staff have full control permissions over all of this. As you know Address Books that are restricted can have their permissions set to disable inheritance and you can then define explicit permissions based on exactly who should have access.

     Within PMail are the user folders - these all have permission inheritance disabled and are replaced with: authenticated users = Write only. User account that owns the mail in the folder has full control. 

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