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Long time user, moving to network - how?

Last post 11-22-2011, 17:44 by Thomas R. Stephenson. 4 replies.
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  •  11-22-2011, 2:21

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    Long time user, moving to network - how?

    I've used Pegasus mail for, well, forever it seems - always on one machine.  Now I have a network of 3 machines, and due to hardware failures it seems I'm constantly moving from one to another.  I'd like to set up one network home, which would allow me to get to my incoming email from any of my machines. I think right now all of my machines are Windows 7 Ultimate.  The other issue is that I want to make sure my current, single-user mailbox isn't destroyed in the process, but rather migrates nicely to a networked environment.

    My first attempt, which almost worked, was to create one shared, mountable drive on one machine, which I refer to (somewhat randomly) as H: on every machine. Since I'm the only one reading email, and I only do it from one machine at a time, I naively thought I could move (that is, specify, within Pegasus) my mailbox (both new and regular) to H:, and set this H: up on every one of my machines - the (self-imposed) protocol being that I only would use one machine at a time, and that machine would (universally, that is this is the same on every machine) use a mailbox "H:\users\Bryan\Pmail\". It really did seem to work - (pardon my machine names) :the real disk was on Mycenae, and my Plataea machine could reach over, download mail, etc.  Then I found I could also read email on Mycenae; *but*, when I went back to Plataea, I got messages that the mailbox location didn't exist - though before I had read email on Mycenae -  the directory was accessible and had the same path. However, having read email from Plataea, it seemed (perhaps due to file permissions/ownership, but I've checked that closely), that Mycenae could not read it. My other machine is Tiryns; haven't tried access from there yet, as these two should work first, I would think.

    Stepping back, I want to do this because I've got some hardware problems, and I want to be somewhat independent of specific machines. I may end up reinstalling the OS on one or more machines, and even moving the physical location of my shared, master disk. I'd like to abstract away from the real, physical location of that disk, and make it universally available (as well as something that I can move easily if I need to).

    So: to be specific, should I get into the network installations of Pegasus? When I started to do that, I had dialog boxes that said things like "Do you want to create a mailbox", or "The username isn't recognized" (though my login name in the Windows workgroup is the same - I have no server to support a domain). If I do install Pegasus with the shared access network options, *what do I do with my current mailbox*? I've got thousands of emails there, carefully categorized, and I want to be able to port them to whatever network identity mailbox Pegasus sets up. I've been very nervous about 'creating a new mailbox' and specifying an existing pmail directory, thinking that maybe things would be overwritten. When I specified my username ("Bryan") I was told it didn't exist - though I was logged in under that name. If Pegasus network sharing works to some degree independently of Windows, I couldn't figure it out.

    I went off on a tagent trying to figure out why Windows 7 uses a "roaming" directory for settings, thinking that maybe there was some mechanism in Windows that would get me where I want to go trivially (ha!). All of my machines are Windows 7 - none is a 'server', so I can't set up a 'domain' and share settings across machines using that mechanism. I'm also hoping that Pegasus doesn't depend on this underlying Windows domain mechanism, but I'm not sure - the verbiage is often the same, though that could be coincidental. All I've got is a set of computers (some XP, come to think of it) that I'd like to work together without having to buy something from Microsoft.  Though I probably would, if the cost were OK and I didn't have to change the OS on one of my machines.

    Finally, I should say I've searched and read through the fora, and have some idea of how I would set things up if I were starting afresh; but I'm not. My pegasus email directory, when examined by hand, has a pmail.ini that has lots of detailed info, including paths to mailboxes. I think I want to *migrate* my single-user world to one that is networked - I haven't found any messages forae that address that.  I'm still afraid of 'creating' a directory and specifying a path to my existing directory, as critical files might be overwritten; *but*, when I create a *new* directory and then copy in my old files, things fail.  I've tried that, though maybe without specifying that the Pegasus install should be networked. The number of permutations (kind of Pegasus install, mailbox location (local/networked)) have grown such that I'm sure I haven't completely searched that space.

    I've tried to directly edit the pmail.ini file(s), and registry entries that reference the mailbox. Oh, and, incidentally, sometimes when I try to change mailbox location within Pegasus, nothing happens - even clicking the right button, Peg doesn't exit and restart, just ignores me. And if I quit and come back, the old setting is there - it's as if Pegasus actively resists changing to a location that is a network mount. But there is no error or warning - just obtuseness. That's why I thought I should see what might be hiding in the Registry. I had no luck with any of this.

     Any advice would be most appreciated.  I can't help but think that this must be a problem that others have faced, or will face.


  •  11-22-2011, 12:06

    • FJR is not online. Last active: 2020-01-02, 13:47 FJR
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    Re: Long time user, moving to network - how?

    OK - I'll give it a try helping you. First of all: I didn't do such an installation before, because I have a Novell Netware network. But tried that installation and things seem similar. Client is Win7 ultimate, server (aka shared device) is a Netware device mapped to a driveletter.

    Make a backup/copy of Pegasus and your mailbox before doing any installation !!!

    In my opinion you should do a central installation of Pegasus and the mailbox(es). Your wanted "H:\users\bryan\pmail" can't be handled by Pegasus (it can ... but that will result in very much manipulation "by hand", so I will not discuss it here) - only "H:\users\bryan". Because I think you have other files there, which are not usualy in the mailbox of Pegasus, I choose to install it where Pegasus want's it:

    • on your share create a directory "Pegasus"
    • start the setup on closed Pegasus (in optimal case from a computer, were no Pegasus is installed)
    • choose "New Installation"
    • choose the created directory via BROWSE (I don't see the driveletters of non-local devices here and had to choose it via network, machine/server, drive, directory so it will be shown a UNC-notation like "\\Wiso\daten\Pegasus", not "H:\Pegasus")
    • On next windows do NOT select any option
    • If asked on next window (I'm not shure, because you do not have Netware) choose not to install Netware support
    • finalize the installation

    At that point Pegasus is installed in share:\Pegasus\Programs but no mailboxes are created. That's because you want your mailbox reside in another location than default (which would have been share:\Pegasus\MAIL\<user>). No we have to change that location. Go to the programdirectory of Pegasus:

    • execute share:\Pegasus\Programs\winpm-32
    • choose second ore third mode (doesn't matter) even if you are the only user at the moment
    • enter location for mailboxes in that notation, which was seen during installation (driveletter or UNC).
      share:\Pegasus\mail     or    \\computer\drive\Pegasus\mail
    • next windows choose "New ..."
    • Enter "Bryan" and complete personal name like used for sending mails (i.e. "Bryan Adams" :-)
    • Select "Administrator privileges" and "copy default mail messages" (last one, if you want to read the welcome messages from David)
    • Pegasus will be started, cancel Internet configuration

    From now on Bryan has administratorprivileges (may create other users via menu ADRESSES -> USER MANAGEMENT). Pegasus created:

    • share:\Pegasus\ PMAIL.CFG
      In my case Pegasus put in two strings which indicate the use of short directory names (8 characters) for users. In case you may want to have more characters in future, close Pegasus, execute PCONFIG.EXE (old DOS-program), choose "standalone installation", change the "~8" to "~N". Do it in both fields, type "N" at the third field and accept via "Y". Exit with saving. PMAIL.CFG will be changed -- but never change it with an editor!!!
    • share:\Pegasus\mail\PMAIL.USR
      This file holds information about created users and there privileges - at that moment something like that:
      A;Bryan;Bryan Adams
    • share:\Pegasus\mail\bryan
      Your mailbox
    • start share:\Pegasus\Programs\winpm-32 ... bryan (as long as only user) should be started automatically, otherwise you're asked for username.
    • close it again
    Now we have to copy your old mailbox at your standalone computer (Pegasus closed):
    • create directory share:\Pegasus\mail\bryan\save
    • MOVE (!!!) all files from share:\Pegasus\mail\bryan there
    • COPY all files and directories from your old mailboxdiretory to share:\Pegasus\mail\bryan
    • EDIT PMAIL.INI and change all diretory-Entries pointing to the old location - especially those (if they have strings after them):

      Home mailbox location
      Temporary files directory
      WAV file for new mail sound alert
      Favourite directory
      Working home mailbox location
      New mailbox location

      You have to do that for all defined identities and POP3 and SMTP-Definitions in your PMAIL.INI (but it must be very old if there are those definitions)
    • Do the same with STATE.PMJ, *.PNC (if there - hopefully forgot none)

     Now start share:\Pegasus\Programs\winpm-32 ... should work (at the first look did with my original mailbox).

    If it all works, the last point is to execute share:\Pegasus\Programs\WSSETUP. Create Icons and make registrychanges for Windows.

    bye    Olaf


  •  11-22-2011, 13:31

    • Bryan Bentz is not online. Last active: 01-07-2019, 15:02 Bryan Bentz
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    Re: Long time user, moving to network - how?

    THanks, Olaf, for that fairly complete answer, which I will try shortly.  One thing - I can't get PCONFIG.EXE to run - my 64-bit OS won't let it, and none of the compatibility settings works for it.

  •  11-22-2011, 14:25

    • FJR is not online. Last active: 2020-01-02, 13:47 FJR
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    Re: Long time user, moving to network - how?

    Oh - sorry - it's 16bit - won't work. Don't know a windows tool. Are all your computer on Win7/64? You may do that from any 32bit-Windows. Or you may install the Virtual Machine for WinXp (so called "Windows XP mode") on your Win7. With Ultimate it's for free.

    bye   Olaf


  •  11-22-2011, 17:44

    Re: Long time user, moving to network - how?

    > THanks, Olaf, for that fairly complete answer, which I will try shortly.  One thing - I can't get PCONFIG.EXE to run - my 64-bit OS
    > won't let it, and none of the compatibility settings works for it.

    To run 16-bit MSDOS programs on your 64-bit Windows systems (and Linux) get a copy of DOSBox. This is quite handy to have around when you have old MSDOS utilities to run.

    Thomas R. Stephenson
    San Jose, California
    Member of Pegasus Mail Support Team

    I do not answer private messages from the forum. If you want to contact me use email to
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