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enabling spam filtering for the first time

Last post 08-29-2017, 2:50 by jbanks. 1 replies.
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  •  08-20-2017, 15:36

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    enabling spam filtering for the first time


    I have been asked by relatives to set them up with new emal addresses because they are getting too much spam.  It has got to the point that wading through it takes longer than reading their 'real' mail.  I noticed that the content filtering and Spamhalter have never been enabled in their Pegasus 4.72 and it would be preferable to keep the addresses for obvious reasons .  It is possibly further complicated by the fact that they are using an English language version of Pegasus, but are Dutch speaking - so almost all of their email content (including spam) is in Dutch.  I had a look at the spambust.dat, but it is all in English.  words4.db3 does seem to have some Dutch in it.  The last Dutch language version of Pegasus that I could find is 3.12.  Is there an up-to-date Dutch language version spambust.dat (as I say they get lots of spam, but it doesn't tend to be in English).  What would be the best approach - enable and train Spamhalter, or content control or both?

    Is it the current plan that white/black lists and spamhalter 'training' will be importable into the future major release of Pegasus?


  •  08-29-2017, 2:50

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    Re: enabling spam filtering for the first time

    I would think that both is best.  Content control can be immediately set up to catch the most obvious spam.  spamhalter although very effective will take a bit to train.
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