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Loss of formatting on email Forward

Last post 02-11-2018, 17:38 by idw. 1 replies.
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  •  02-10-2018, 3:55

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    Loss of formatting on email Forward

    If I "bounce" an email to another user - no problem. However if I need to add comments to an email I'm forwarding, all formatting is lost, often text disappears rendering the option almost useless.

    Is there a solution, work-around or fix for this.

    Also, any news on a long-awaited updated release? 


  •  02-11-2018, 17:38

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    Re: Loss of formatting on email Forward

    Is there a solution, work-around or fix for this.

    Also, any news on a long-awaited updated release?

    No news and some workarounds: The most reliable attempt of forwarding without anything getting lost at all is forwarding messages attached to a new message (allowing you to add your comments) as offered by the forwarding dialog. Aside from this, the actual formatting in outgoing messages is not properly shown in the reader when inserting you comments: To see how it will arrive at the recipient's side you need to queue your message, open the queue manager and create a copy of the outgoing message to some other folder (I usually use Deleted Messages if I don't want to keep a copy). If you open such a copy you will see how it actually looks when opened by your recipients.


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