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Strikethrough and auto-numbered lists

Last post 05-08-2019, 23:59 by irelam. 1 replies.
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  •  07-21-2018, 1:45

    Strikethrough and auto-numbered lists

    I am a writing teacher, and I often receive short samples of writing from my students for correction. Up to now, I've been copying their e-mail messages to MS Word so that I can use features such as strikethrough (ABC) and auto-numbered (not bulleted) lists in my corrections (as we have here in the forum posting windows).

    Fortunately, text with MS Word strikethroughs and numbered lists copies and pastes back to a Pegasus message window just fine. However, it would be far more efficient to stay in Pegasus with these features available there - either as editing icons or as toggle key combinations, such as CTRL + B, CTRL + I, and CTRL + U, all three of which work very well in Pegasus and which I use frequently.

    Also, it would be very convenient if the font colour selection icon remained the same colour (as it does in MS Word) until changed back to black (or whatever).

    Thanks very much,


    A devoted Pegasus user and fan since 1997.
  •  05-08-2019, 23:59

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    Re: Strikethrough and auto-numbered lists

    Have you tried using <strike> some text >/strike>  and <ol><li>a line of text</li></ol>  Its a bit messy .....
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