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Messages disappearing

Last post 10-26-2018, 12:42 by FJR. 1 replies.
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  •  09-08-2018, 10:43

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    Messages disappearing



    I'm having an issue with pegasus mail.


    After a holiday, i had about 300 messages to download. I've been having issues with pmail for awhile, it hangs and i'm locked out. And it does not want to restart. The work around i found was move some of the latest files, until pegasus mail starts. But i probably did something very wrong last time as while i have disabled the spamhalter, i download messages from different identities (separately) and most of them disappear. I can't find them in any folder and i am not versed enough in the program to see if they're there and i don't see them or they are just deleted without going through the delete folder, let alone the junk /spam folder (which does not exist where i look but i see it in the tree) so it's somewhere.

    I'm happy with do a clean reinstall, recreate my identities but i don't know how not to lose my 10+ years of emails.

     I'm happy to show the mess the pegasus mail folder is - my fault, not the program's fault-  which is due to me moving the program from computer to computer probably in a wrong way that worled.

     It is not on my system drive because it's too big, but right now, i'm scared to even use it because of disappearing emails. I don't lose lose them as i have thunderbird and gmail getting most of the messages, i haven't configured them for all my identities but the main ones are being downloaded / saved. But i really like pmail, there are things i can't do with thunderbird in easy manner like i can with pegasus.


    I saw the topic "Debugging a Cross-Thread Hang on Startup" so i'm guessing i can do the same but i'm missing a message to which the first poster is replying and i'm guessing it's the instructions.

  •  10-26-2018, 12:42

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    Re: Messages disappearing

    I'm not sure about what files you moved from Pegasus directory.

    Junk-Folder: right click the folder ->  folder information. Tells you filename and location. But if no mails are shown in the folder, (filetype PMM), you may have moved/deleted the indexfile (PMI). So right click the folder and re-index it.

    On a new installation you normally simply should have moved the content of your mailboxdirectory to the new installation. Now it's plenty of handwork to do - especially if you had trays in your folderstructure :-(

    Bye   Olaf

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