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Last post 03-24-2020, 13:15 by Pmail Ninja. 5 replies.
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  •  08-12-2019, 18:01

    Public image

    I have been an enthusiastic user of PMAIL for 20 years or so, and I hope it will continue.  It is disappointing to log into this support site and find that on the Home page, the latest version of PMAIL is shown as 4.70 - several years out of date, and the download links seem to connect to a page where the latest version is 4.63 added in January 2012.

    I know that resources are scarce, but surely it would not take long for a few lines of text and links to be updated so that it looks (as I hope it is) like the program is up to date and still undergoing development.

    I know that there is information on this elsewhere, such as the official Pegasus website, and that David is close to release of an update, but this needs to be evident on THIS website.  As old users gradually fade away, new users who investigate Pegasus by a visit to the support website need to be reassured that it is still a viable program and worth having a look at.



    Philip Jones

  •  08-12-2019, 23:12

    Re: Public image

    I know we all are anxious for the v5 arrival, but I think you landed someplace else.Wink IOW, is the place to go after it.


    euler f german
    sete lagoas, mg, brazil
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  •  08-13-2019, 11:41

    Re: Public image

    My post was placed on the Pegasus and Mercury forum home page, under the section 'About this site' under the heading 'Site Feedback'.  That seemed a very appropiate place to gove feedback about this site. That said, much the same comments apply to many pages of the Pegasus/Mercury website.

    So, where I put my comment is somewhat irrelevant.  I am simply making the point that a modicum of site maintenance might stimulate interest in Pegasus, whereas the current out of date offering will more likely lead people to assume that the program died a few years ago.  If I were a newcomer looking for a program such as Pegasus, what I find here would not encourage me to stay.  Please accept that this is intended as a positive comment, since I want Pegasus to survive.

  •  08-22-2019, 7:07

    • rproulx is not online. Last active: 08-29-2019, 0:37 rproulx
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    Re: Public image

    Hi Philip,

    I agree with you 100%. If any newby was to come here to learn more they would get the impression that Pegasus Mail is dead and buried.

    To add to your observations: Why is this site still using http and not https? Let’s Encrypt certificates are free so it cannot be due to lack of funds. The copyright info at the bottom of the page ends at 2011 which is when I suspect this site was last updated.

    Why not put out a request for a volunteer Webmaster who could at least update the most important info or simply delete whatever's no longer relevant?
  •  08-26-2019, 13:58

    Re: Public image

    I agree to 100% too.

    These few code snippets to do are no real burden.  

    Stefan  aka  PMAIL NINJA

    Theresa May: "Brexit means Brexit" 

  •  03-24-2020, 13:15

    Re: Public image

    Another SEVEN months did fade away without any mince changes!

    Really poor behaviour!

    1. No textual updates (aka "ver. 4.70" -> ver. 4.73" etc.)
    2. No upgrade from "http:" -> "https:".

    Since browsers and security software alarm the pmail- and the community-website due to the oldish "http:", it's a must to upgrade these sites to the "https:"-protocol.

    I guess, it's up to David Harris ( and Peter Stroemblad ( to do the job. Correct?

    So my questions here go to the beta-testers and "eternal" members:
    Is Peter Stroemblad still active, since he never did a post in years?
    Is somebody here around with contact abilities to Peter Stroemblad?
    Should I or should WE contact David Harris to promote the suggestions in this thread?

    Stefan  aka  PMAIL NINJA

    Tirk: "Tirk. Drazi. I carry very large things. I... I... Tirk. Drazi."
    [Babylon5, LotR]

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