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Distribution list failure, due to "pipelining": repeated email addresses in multiple distribution lists cause rejection.

Last post 03-09-2020, 19:53 by Cat009. 0 replies.
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  •  03-09-2020, 19:53

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    Distribution list failure, due to "pipelining": repeated email addresses in multiple distribution lists cause rejection.

    No problem occurs if I address an email to one distribution list: all the recipients listed in that distribution list will receive their copy. But if I address an email to more than one distribution list, AND if the addresses of some recipients occur in more than one list, then the email is not delivered to any of the recipients. Instead, Pegasus shows me an error message with the word "pipelining" in it, as well as listing each in that error message each of the duplicated email addresses.  Pegasus then places the email in the queue for re-sending.

    To proceed I believe I have three options:

    1.  Log into my ISP's webmail page, and send the email from there.  This involves copying and pasting all of the addresses in each distribution list and placing them in the BCC field on the webmail page.  This is a tedious thing to have to do, but the email is sent without any problem.

    2.  Go to my laptop computer and use Thunderbird, which has a similar distribution list system to Pegasus's system, though not as good.  Moving over to that computer for the purposes of a bulk mailing is tedious, and it means that my records in Pegasus Mail are not accurate (I have to make an artificial record of the email which I have sent).  I also have to check my distribution lists inside Thunderbird to make sure they are up-to-date, as I do all of my work in Pegasus on my desktop computer.  The laptop with Thunderbird is only for rare periods away from home.

    3.  Go into Pegasus Mail's distribution lists and remove some people's email addresses from some of the lists so that there is no duplication.  But this messes up the lists, because some people do qualify for membership of more than one distribution list, and it's important for me to know that, for example, Distribution list A consists of 78 people, Distribution B consists of 34 members, and so on.  And people who are duplicated in my Distribution lists do not mind receiving more than one copy of an email: they know they qualify for membership of more than one group, so receiving two or more copies of an email re-assures them that I still have them recorded as belonging to more than one classification.

    This problem began for me about six months ago.  Is it because of a change in Pegasus, is it because of a change at Yahoo, or is something else responsible?

    Is there a work-around?  Is there something I can do within Pegasus so that I can maintain the integrity of my distribution lists, but not have emails rejected because some email addresses occur in more than one distribution list?

    Thanks for any help.


    A Pegasus-user since 1991, when I found a Kiwi techie had installed it on the computers at an Internet cafe in Waterstones university bookshop in Bloomsbury, London. Loved it, installed it on my own computer, and have been using it ever since.
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