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If you want to advertise to a broad public of highly skilled computer technicians then this is the place. The longest standing ever e-mail system Pegasus Mail with it's sister-flagship, Mercury Mail Transport Agent, has since 1990 attracted thousands of system administrators. Today these administrators frequently visit the online community of Pegasus Mail and Mercury, for professional advice regarding e-mail questions. As our users influence purchase decisions, and everyday technical support incidents, you have the unique opportunity to attract true computer professionals with your product offerings.

The advertisement here is very fundamental. We support image ads, accompanied with one or two lines of text - thats it!. You have three options to choose from:

  • All-Site
  • E-mail Client forum pages.
  • Mail Server forum pages

We operate advertisments with a minimum term of two months, followed by a month-to-month plan where either party may terminate the relationship on 30 days notice.

Sponsor Visibility

Community.Pmail.Com offers ads served at the rightmost column on the main page, forum listings and search pages. The All-site ads are shown on all these, and the E-Mail client forums and Mail server forums respectively show ads from their particular category plus the all site ads.

Ad Specs:

  • 16:9 format, image 200 pixels wide and 113 pixels high.
  • Preferably the company or product logo
  • One or two lines of text
  • Concurrency is not allowed

We will only allow 4 ads per category and month. This because we do not want to overwhelm our users, nor disobey their trust and faith in us. You may book your ads in advance, we use come first serve first rule. All ads are quality proven first, as we will not allow competing offers. Nor do we allow adult ads nor ads that in any form breaches the well known netiquette - and we do reserve the right to remove ads without refunds as we see fit, if we or our users find the content at the advertising site offensive.

Rates and Statistics is visited from all over the world. As you can see from the clustermap to the right, we have users in many languages. It is our intent to internationalize this site, including the accompanying, as a general repository about email. In order to maximize your return value when advertising with us, we will keep our prices as low as we can. This also means that you have to analyze if traffic is generated from this site. We will not service any statistics on click-counters or similar, as all advertisements are direct links to your site.

  • All-Site, Initial two months: EUR 200
  • All-Site, additional month: EUR 100

  • Category, Initial two months: EUR 100
  • Category: additional month: EUR 50

Invoice and Payments

Ads are to be payed in full against invoice. Invoices are issued by Petena AB, the owner this site's hoster PraktIT WebbHotell, a private company founded in 1994 residing in Sweden. VAT (currently 25%) is or is not added depending on current export tax regulations. This means that if you are in Sweden, or you reside within EU VAT is added if you do not have a valid VAT number. Advertisers outside Sweden with a valid VAT number or if you reside outside EU, we do not add VAT.

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