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  • Re: Microsoft Clustering

    There is no reason I can think of why it shouldn't work as long as it is installed to the cluster and the email comes in on the virtual IP.
    Posted to Pegasus Mail Community Support (Forum) by Slab on September 26, 2007
  • Re: Run program AFTER email delivered ?

    I have a rule that I setup to check email for a certain subject.&nbsp; If the message comes in it will reboot the server.&nbsp; This message is delivered to the mailbox before the reboot command runs.
    Posted to Mercury Community Support (Forum) by Slab on September 21, 2007
  • Re: Mercury filter

    I came up with a quasi work around.&nbsp; I setup a filtering rule to add a +50 to all messages from local accounts (There are only 3).&nbsp; I set up another rule to add -999 to all accounts that had a certain&nbsp;signature line in the body.&nbsp;This isn't exactly reading an AUTH tag, but as close as I can get.
    Posted to Spam-Fighting (Forum) by Slab on September 13, 2007
  • Re: Anti-spam concept

    Rolf Lindby:I've been keeping tracks of IP numbers of connecting users to an online service that we are running for a number of years as we used to have huge problems with unauthorized access attempts before. We have a well defined region where our users live, but, surprisingly, every now and then some of them log in from an IP in some quite ...
    Posted to Spam-Fighting (Forum) by Slab on September 7, 2007
  • Anti-spam concept

    There is an application Peer Guardian ( that is an excellent IP blocker. My idea was to install the app on the server that runs Mercury. In the list of blocked ports, I could add in IP ranges from countries that I would never receive mails from. Similar to using RBL lists. The advantage to doing it this way would be ...
    Posted to Spam-Fighting (Forum) by Slab on September 7, 2007
  • Re: Mercury filter

    David Harris:As I noted in another thread, adding a header indicating that the message originated from an authenticated connection is trivially easy, and I'll do it as a standard part of MercuryS for v4.53. You can then create rules that simply look for that header.Cheers!-- David -- Brilliant!
    Posted to Spam-Fighting (Forum) by Slab on September 6, 2007
  • Re: How to check SMTP AUTH in policy task ?

    I asked almost the same question in this thread.
    Posted to Mercury Community Support (Forum) by Slab on September 5, 2007
  • Re: Mercury filter

    This could be done easily if Mercury would put an AUTHENTICATED tag in the header.&nbsp;
    Posted to Spam-Fighting (Forum) by Slab on September 5, 2007
  • Re: Con-Con: Can you tell me what's wrong... (Repost)

    I would try to see what happens.&nbsp; It might have a problem with the ' in WHAT'S if subject&nbsp;contains ''can you tell me what*'' weight 31 &nbsp;
    Posted to Mercury Community Support (Forum) by Slab on August 30, 2007
  • Mercury filter

    Is there a filtering rule I could put in that would filter out mail from local user accounts that haven't authenticated?&nbsp; This would eliminate&nbsp;spam I get that has&nbsp;a local&nbsp;email address as the sender.&nbsp;
    Posted to Spam-Fighting (Forum) by Slab on August 28, 2007
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