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  • Re: Messages disappearing

    I'm not sure about what files you moved from Pegasus directory. Junk-Folder: right click the folder -&gt;&nbsp; folder information. Tells you filename and location. But if no mails are shown in the folder, (filetype PMM), you may have moved/deleted the indexfile (PMI). So right click the folder and re-index it. On a new installation you normally ...
    Posted to Pegasus Mail Community Support (Forum) by FJR on October 26, 2018
  • Re: vs. 4.72 572 problem with "copies-to-self"

    What do you meen by ''have folder reset''? You should check the folder for consistency and reiindex it (-&gt; context menue). If this doesn't help go into the options and repoint to the copy self folder even if it is already standing there (or may be meanwhile there is another folder pointed to). cheers &nbsp; Olaf &nbsp;
    Posted to Pegasus Mail Community Support (Forum) by FJR on August 22, 2018
  • Re: emails with missing "Date:" header not visible in local folder - error report (and manual hack hit)

    Can't re-enact your failure. I took a mail, once deleted whole date-header and once only the date and in both cases mail was visible in folder (!= inbox) where I copied it from IMAP-folder. But - the way the missing date is put into PMI-file and how Pegasus will show this in folder seems to vary. Had two variants:204 Jan 4 ...
    Posted to Pegasus Mail Community Support (Forum) by FJR on August 22, 2018
  • Re: cleaning up HIERARCH.PM

    As Brian said, these are mailboxes (or System Wide Folder - they too have a leading 2). The local mailbox normally will look like this2,1,''203A1978:My Mailbox'','''',''My Mailbox'' and normaly there will be entries for folders in the local mailbox starting with a leading 0 and pointing to ''203A1978:My Mailbox''. Be sure your entries are not for ...
    Posted to Pegasus Mail Community Support (Forum) by FJR on August 10, 2018
  • Re: PMail 4.73 released - update experience?

    Hi Brian, I don't understand why invoking Help outside of Pegasus Mail is important. It isn't ... if you have PM473 installed in english :-) With that installation file new help is delivered and installed usable from within Pegasus. So - /me and some other german guys here installed german Pegasus. With that distribution the new help system is ...
    Posted to Pegasus Mail Community Support (Forum) by FJR on August 10, 2018
  • Re: Webmail interface

    Hi Joerg, ahh - that's the reason it works - no openSSL between Mercury and Roundcube. OK - could do this if Roundcube and Mercury are on same Server. I probably managed to find the reason. With up to date PHP it allways tries to find a CA ... which isn't there with selfsigned certificate. So I would have to manipulate the PHP-scripts of ...
    Posted to Mercury Community Support (Forum) by FJR on August 8, 2018
  • Re: Webmail interface

    Nice hint ... tried that :-) After creating a selfsigned certificate for apache with openssl and replacing the default example certificate in conf-directory of apache I&nbsp; was able to access roundcube (without error). &nbsp;But now Roundcube seems to have problems making tls to my Mercury. The Mercury has a selfsigned cerftificate too - ...
    Posted to Mercury Community Support (Forum) by FJR on August 8, 2018
  • Re: Automatic sorting of new mail into the New Mail window

    Hi Jim, When new mail is collected via POP3 it is deposited at the top of the list (as desired) but it is not sorted. If I click the Date/Time column heading twice (which is what I usually have to do, and what I'd like to avoid) the sorting is done correctly. I have not changed these settings; this is how they've always been. Times I was using ...
    Posted to Pegasus Mail Suggestions (Forum) by FJR on May 23, 2018
  • Re: Attachment size limit configurable in Pmail?

    Hi Brian, In the case of a shared network install the WINPMAIL.INI file will be on the server but I don't know if local registry entries would override. I would test this ... but my central Pegasus is productive. No good idea.&nbsp; I&nbsp; also don't know at what stage in the process the limits are checked. I suspect behavior may be ...
    Posted to Pegasus Mail Community Support (Forum) by FJR on May 23, 2018
  • Re: Attachment size limit configurable in Pmail?

    Hello Brian, *wow* searched for something like that but never scrolled down that far in the example on Han's website. Much better than registry entries! Usually command line switches overwrite entries in INI. What's the rule in this case? Registry before INI? Nice&nbsp;&nbsp; Olaf &nbsp;
    Posted to Pegasus Mail Community Support (Forum) by FJR on May 22, 2018
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