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  • Precedence in SMTP connection control

    14.00 Good day all. I am investigating the possibility of using a paid filtering service offered by DuoCircle to run as our MX, which then in turn delivers legitimate mail to our local Mercury32 server. I already have all users required to authenticate over SMTP in order to send out email from phones, tablets etc. ...
    Posted to Mercury Community Support (Forum) by pbeddy on July 21, 2016
  • Mercury/32 - Mail Flow to Local Users (bounce-back, etc) failing, Static NAT from DMZ to WEB

    Hello All,   We are running Mercury/32 on one of our DMZ boxes, it is a supplier portal so that we can communicate data to/from them easily, and in a structured environment (yes, we could have used FTP, but this is much prettier).   I recently migrated the server from: Server 2000/IIS5/Mercury 4.01a to: Server 2008 ...
    Posted to Mercury Community Support (Forum) by jbruneau on March 12, 2014
  • Expecting 334, but getting 235

    Hi everyone, I have a problem with the Mercury SMTP server. Here's a log of a session: 04:08:44.867: Connection from, Wed Dec 18 04:08:44 2013<lf>04:08:44.867: << 220 announcer ESMTP server ready.<cr><lf>04:08:45.240: >> EHLO q-86cf7b5066fb4<cr><lf>04:08:45.240: << 250-announcer ...
    Posted to Mercury Community Support (Forum) by chuacw on December 18, 2013
  • Need to have outbound email go to a folder instead of leaving the server

    Hello, I am using Mercury mail V4.74. I have the Core application, MercuryS SMTP server, and the MercuryE SMTP Client running. I am trying to figure out how to capture all outbound mail from the server to a local folder WITHOUT letting it leave the server. I have a problem where duplicate emails are coming in to the server from a web ...
    Posted to Mercury Community Support (Forum) by mhwinter on June 10, 2013
  • SMTP-S Regular Expression Search for Square Brackets Within HELO

    Hi Everyone,  Does anyone know how to search for square brackets using a regular expression?  I'm trying to block the following type of HELO greeting: EHLO [] I have used [Z-a] to successfully capture ''['' and '']'' characters, but to me this is a bit of a fudge. Using [[] or []] doesn't work. This is what I use at ...
    Posted to Mercury Community Support (Forum) by MikeGlen on January 15, 2013
  • Re: Sudden problem in SMTP auth

    None was working; file was available, and the whole Mercury folder is excluded from antivirus scanning, file indexing, etc. Anyway, the problem showed up no more...   Best regards Filippo
    Posted to Mercury Community Support (Forum) by Filippo72 on August 3, 2012
  • Sudden problem in SMTP auth

    Hello.Today I just encountered a sudden problem that I cannot resolve.I have my M/32 with MercuryS configured to relay only authenticated connections (no ssl); the password file has been created months ago, and for months all worked without a single problem.Today, the server suddenly started to refuse connections, assuming an incorrect login.It ...
    Posted to Mercury Community Support (Forum) by Filippo72 on July 31, 2012
  • Error: "Invalid TLS extension list item header" with googlemail

    When gmail attempts to send a message to my Mercury mail server (v 4.72) the connection proceeds normally until STARTTLS when everything goes south.  The session log looks like this: 02:19:37.640: >> STARTTLS<cr><lf>02:19:37.640: << 220 OK, begin SSL/TLS negotiation now.<cr><lf>02:19:37.781: 22: Error -32 ...
    Posted to Mercury Community Support (Forum) by rjspann on June 29, 2012
  • Re: Want to send large size email to assign outlook task

    To switch on session logging please go to Configuration / MercuryS SMTP Server / Logging. Make sure there is a path for a directory for session logging, and check Enable session logging. After sending the two test messages, remember to switch session logging off again. The session log will be placed in the specified directory and will contain an ...
    Posted to Mercury Community Support (Forum) by Rolf Lindby on June 29, 2012
  • GET command ?

    T 20120616 030519 4fd8afc4 Connection from 20120616 030519 4fd8afc4 GET HTTP/1.0T 20120616 030519 4fd8afc4 Content-Type: text/htmlT 20120616 030519 4fd8afc4 Proxy-Connection: keep-aliveT 20120616 030519 4fd8afc4 Host: www.scanproxy.comT 20120616 030519 4fd8afc4 Accept: image/gif, ...
    Posted to Mercury Community Support (Forum) by Kevin Hastings on June 16, 2012
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